Confit asparagus wrapped in prosciutto ham,  goat cheese served over a truffle-almond sauce, drizzled with 12yr old balsamic.  $8


Vine ripened tomatoes, roasted peppers, fried goat cheese croqueta, tempranillo onion marmalade, pimenton oil, 12 yr old balsamic reduction $7


Seared red snapper, pimenton braised potatoes, vine ripe tomatoes, caper butter sauce.  $12


Seared chilean sea bass served over creamy polenta cake, baby spinach, fennel slaw, saffron butter sauce, balsamic glaze. $12


Corn-pimenton crusted calamari served with a saffron aioli & lemons; drizzled with parsley oil.  $9

Pato con Menta

Duck rillettes, roasted butternut squash, pomegranate glazed, caramelized onions. $9


Seared scallops, truffle-parsnip puree, braised baby spinach, red wine reduction.  $10

Pincho de Pollo

Lemon-herb crusted chicken, green lentils, garbanzo beans, baby spinach, saffron aioli, herb chicken glaze. $8

Gambas al Ajillo

Traditional Spanish langoustines sauteed in a garlic-pimenton wine sauce.   $10


Thyme crusted pork tenderloin served over braised potatoes, roasted artichokes, saffron cauliflower, chorizo-manchego sauce.  $10


Roasted honey beets, baby spinach, shallots, sherry golden raisins compote, fennel, roasted red peppers, toasted almonds, bread.  $7


Gambas, scallops, fish, calamares, fennel, piquillo peppers, seafood broth, cream, squid ink pasta, citron oil. . $ 14

Paella Sevillana

Pork tenderloin, beef tenderloin tips, pimento chicken tenders, spicy sausage, peppers, cooked in a saffron rice, parsley, lemons. $16

Plato Iberico

Serrano ham, basque olives, salchichon, spicy chorizo, soria sausage drizzled with lemon oil and 12 yr balsamic  $10

Paella Valenciana

Shrimp, calamares, fish, matin rice, spicy sausage, peppers, onions, pork tenderloin, chicken, lemon, cooked in a pimenton-saffron rice, garnished with peppers.  $16

Paella Marinera

Calamares, green lip mussels, shrimp, fish, scallops, matiz rice, pepper, onions, tomatoes, cooked in a saffron seafood sauce garnished with peppers and lemon.  $18

Queso Frito

Fried Manchego cheese served with a fennel slaw, sherry glazed with garnish with micro greens.  $7


Baby spinach, fennel, apples, raspberries, cava, balsamic glaze, candied almonds.  $7

Patatas Bravas

Braised potatoes, confit asparagus, spanish chorizo, roasted artichokes, pimenton garlic sauce drizzled with saffron aioli. $ 7

Pinxtos de Pollo

Lemon marinated chicken, vine ripe tomatoes, asparagus, arugula, mustard-mushroom sauce. $8

Morcillla de Vino

Red wine susage pate, pan frito, rioja red onion compote, rioja demi glaze, pimenton aioli, saffron aioli. $8


Roasted piquillo peppers stuffed with a honey goat cheese, asparagus served over a grilled bread garnished with saffron aioli. $8

Carne Brava

Pimenton dusted petite beef madallion, wild mushroom ragout, asparagus, red wine demi glaze, parsley oil. $10


Roasted beets, baby arugula, citron-cava dressing, goat cheese croquetas, toasted almonds, balsamic glaze. $8

Comfitura de Lechon

Slow roasted confitura de lechon, parsnip-potato puree, chorizo-pimenton sauce, micro greens.   $9


Homemade sweet Spanish chorizo, confit mushrooms, roasted artichokes, sherry, citron aioli.  $8


Spanish style meatballs, manchego creamy sauce, manzanilla olives, garlic bread, sherry glaze.  $7


Braised sherry pulpo, micro greens, pimenton potatoes, chorizo sauce, basque olives, piquillo peppers.  $9

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